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All to often we hear and read shocking stories about the plight of Africa’s increasingly endangered wildlife. Rhino’s, elephants and pangolins, to name just a few, are faced with the very real possibility of extinction in our lifetime due to poaching, habitat degradation, and uncontrolled hunting. While we all want to do something to help combat this scourge, the means to do so is out of reach for most of us.

However I have the commitment, the background and, most importantly, the passion to make a difference. I intend to seek out the glimmers of hope that do exist thanks to the tireless and courageous efforts of those fighting on the front lines to save our wildlife. And when I do I’ll be doing everything I can to spread the word about their work, their challenges and needs. Most importantly I will share what each of us can be doing to help them. Please join me in my search as The Quest For Hope unfolds.

What is the mission? “To search out, work with, and to actively support and publicize those organizations and individuals working on the front lines to combat poaching and to save endangered African wildlife”

Beginning in January of 2017 I will be on the ground in Africa. The categories to the right list topics we will share. The first one, “On to Africa” is a great place to begin.

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Preparation: Getting the Right Vehicle (an adventure in itself)