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Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness and Rehabilitation

February 11, 2017 A big mahalo to Steven Hendricks and Peter of Tenikwa for giving me a wonderful tour of their wildlife rehabilitation and awareness center. If you have the chance to visit with them be sure to plan a trip that will put you right in the midst of their Wildlife Research ECO-VOLUNTEER Learning opportunity.

The  cheetah pictured above is a diabetic and can never be released back into the wild. A truly magnificent animal whose survival in the wild is critically endangered right now.

With a thorough commitment to education and awareness they follow a work culture that preserves the environment while doing great work. Follow the link to learn about their green initiatives. Help support them if you can – they’re doing great work. Here is a short “wish list.” tenikwa2

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The Cheetah Preservation Foundation

February 18, 2017

ccf6I covered a lot of ground in the past couple of days. Overnighted in Oudtshoorn, the ostrich capital of the world and by far the cleanest city I’ve visited so far. I was especially happy to be able to spend time with the The Cheetah Preservation Foundation which is based at the Cango Wildlife Park. (Visit the link for more info and how to volunteer)

I wanted to make sure their breeding and volunteer programs were legit as opposed to the many canned lion breeding facilities which are horrific.ccf3

Blood Lions is just now being released in SA and is sure to cause some major waves in the hunting industry – and rightfully so. I came away very impressed with the work the foundation is doing to increase cheetah populations while protecting their genetic diversity. I definitely feel that they’re a worthy cause to support.


Enter a captionDuggie was a great guide – knowledgeable and passionate


They have a full time staff of over a hundred locals and the whole place is immaculate. Their guides, like Duggie pictured to the right,  are well versed on conservation issues and management are happy to discuss their various programs at length.

cccf4From its origins as a crocodile farm under previous owners, the facility has evolved into a world class organization and I hope they will continue to evolve and grow.

Wildlife Gallery

Thanks to the foresight of early conservationists and like minded African chiefdoms, large wild animal preserves exist in most of the continent’s countries. Sadly habitat degradation, poaching and uncontrolled hunting threaten the survival of wildlife in many of these reserves, but happily there are scattered success stories too. Anyone who has not experienced the joy of seeing Africa’s magnificent wildlife in the bush, animals that exist nowhere else on the planet, should add this experience to their bucket list. It can be summed up in just one word – awesome. Enjoy these images taken over the years by Al and feel free to send us your own favorites too. (To send, just CONTACT us)

The Faces of Wildlife: Curious and Playful

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Take Time to See Them

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Birds of a Feather

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We Are But Guests in Their Home

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Lion Gallery

lion-brothersThe image shows two young brothers at a crucial juncture in their lives. Sometimes when young lions get kicked out of the pride they were born into – generally by their own dad – they team up in their search for new territory. They are generally two to three years old when that happens. These two are about five and shortly after this photo was taken they were attacked by one or two very big lions who were trying to take over their territory. The blond was beaten very badly. We found him two days later hiding out in some bushes badly wounded. The other was nowhere to be found. We left shortly afterwards not knowing what became of them. Africa can be a very cruel place.

Enjoy the gallery of images we have collected.

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Majestic Cats – Lions and More

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Rhino Gallery

Fueled by the completely false belief in China and Asia that rhino horn has medicinal and aphrodisiacal qualities, Rhinos are being slaughtered by the thousands. In many of their former habitats they are now extinct. The few that remain are under threat like never before. If it wasn’t for the courageous efforts of committed individuals and organizations fighting the increasingly dangerous war against highly organized and well funded poaching syndicates, rhinos would already be extinct. Following close on the heels of drugs and human trafficking, the illegal wildlife trade is the third largest criminal enterprise in the world – and at the tip of their spear are rhinos. Their fate rests in our hands. Please help in any and every way possible. Remember that all it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing. Act now before it’s too late and rhinos are just a distant memory.

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Elephant Gallery

Elephants fascinate me. There’s a special hypnotic aura that seems to surround them. No matter how often one witnesses it, to watch them suddenly emerge from the trees, moving silently on their huge padded feet, is a breathtaking experience that never gets old. I can watch how they interact with each other, and how loving and careful they are with their young, for hours and hours on end. To think that within my lifetime we have killed hundreds of thousands of them to feed our greed sickens me beyond measure. We can not – we must not – allow this slaughter to continue. Each and every one of us has a role to play. Spread the word, teach your children, visit the parks and reserves, contribute in some form or fashion. Help save these gentle giants so that future generations can marvel at them enjoying their natural habitat and not be limited to reading about them in history books.  Thank you.

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Water Baby

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Elephant – Friends and Family Loyalty

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