Gratitude and thanks:

Natotela is the Chibemba word for thank you.  That’s the language spoken most predominantly in Zambia.

I am certain the list of those I want to thank will grow over the next months as The Quest for Hope unfolds.

Judy Shasek of Water Words (aka Elder SUP) for her tireless work in creating this website and supporting our expanding social media broadcasts.

Tanja Schroeder, Fourie Lourens, Rushaan Malgas and all the team at Schroeder  Wooden Furniture and Motorhomes for their absolute commitment to building the best 4×4 camper vehicle possible.  Without their dedication and hard work The Quest would never have started.

Map Ives, the head of Botswana’s Black Rhino program for his advice and counsel and for the inspiring example he sets everyday of every year.

Paul & Caroline Swart of Natural Migrations.  Their friendship, advice, and support has never wavered.  Dedicated conservationists who lead by example, I am privileged to call them my friends.

Kay Paterson, my wife, partner, fellow conservationist, home watcher, dog sitter and chocolate chip baker extraordinaire. Thank you for allowing me to follow my dreams.