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Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness and Rehabilitation

February 11, 2017 A big mahalo to Steven Hendricks and Peter of Tenikwa for giving me a wonderful tour of their wildlife rehabilitation and awareness center. If you have the chance to visit with them be sure to plan a trip that will put you right in the midst of their Wildlife Research ECO-VOLUNTEER Learning opportunity.

The  cheetah pictured above is a diabetic and can never be released back into the wild. A truly magnificent animal whose survival in the wild is critically endangered right now.

With a thorough commitment to education and awareness they follow a work culture that preserves the environment while doing great work. Follow the link to learn about their green initiatives. Help support them if you can – they’re doing great work. Here is a short “wish list.” tenikwa2

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Video below:

Elephant Gallery

Elephants fascinate me. There’s a special hypnotic aura that seems to surround them. No matter how often one witnesses it, to watch them suddenly emerge from the trees, moving silently on their huge padded feet, is a breathtaking experience that never gets old. I can watch how they interact with each other, and how loving and careful they are with their young, for hours and hours on end. To think that within my lifetime we have killed hundreds of thousands of them to feed our greed sickens me beyond measure. We can not – we must not – allow this slaughter to continue. Each and every one of us has a role to play. Spread the word, teach your children, visit the parks and reserves, contribute in some form or fashion. Help save these gentle giants so that future generations can marvel at them enjoying their natural habitat and not be limited to reading about them in history books.  Thank you.

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Water Baby

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Elephant – Friends and Family Loyalty

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