With his unique African upbringing and a lifetime of travel and adventure, Alistair offers his audiences material that is entertaining, enlightening and inspirational.  His eloquent delivery and unique perspective make for a thought provoking and motivational presentation that is sure to leave his audience wanting more. John Wells – Film and Television Producer & Director […]

Eloquence and Unique Perspective

I see the many posts on Facebook and hear news stories about the precarious situation so many wildlife species are facing. It is frustrating to know what to do to support, make a difference in rescue and to have a voice toward ending poaching. When I heard of Al Paterson’s “The Quest for Hope” and […]

Grassroots Advocate

Discovering Alistair Paterson feels like one of those life changing synchronicities. Sitting in his presence, soaking up his wisdom, is uplifting. Al shares more than his considerable proficiency with language: He shares himself. It is a rich experience to study with him. Ruth Williamson – Ruth Williamson Consulting, Past Chair Bend 2030

His Wisdom is Uplifting

Even when you’re in a large auditorium, Alistair Paterson seems to be talking to you personally.  With his quick wit and polished confidence he captures everyone’s attention with a message that always seems to resonate with his audience.  He is an inspiration to all. David Rosell – Author, Speaker, Wealth Manager

Inspiration – Always Resonates with the Audience

Alistair speaks with a rare passion and flare that both engages and inspires.   Audiences are touched by his joyous enthusiasm and motivated by his message.  He is a person of exceptional quality and a blessing to observe.  If you have an opportunity to hear him speak, do so!  You will be the better for it. […]

Joyous Enthusiasm!

Al has woven a rich lifetime of professional and personal experiences and shaped them into a variety of inspirational and motivational stories that just leave you spellbound and with renewed energy to reach for the stars. Jim Lee – Founder & Principal InvitExcellence

Reach for the Stars

Alistair is blessed with a special talent for making his audiences come alive. His speaking engagements are thoroughly entertaining, motivational and insightful.  He captivates his audience with his wit, vast knowledge, charming stories and his absolute passion for life. As a student of motivation and success for the past thirty years I can honestly say […]

Vast Knowledge, Wit and Absolute Passion